Thecricketmaster Mens Thermal Underwear Set Long Sleeve Vest & Long Johns [Thermals] (Blue, La...:Thecricketmaster
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Mens Thermal Underwear Set Long Sleeve Vest & Long Johns [Thermals] (Blue, La...:Thecricketmaster

2COZEE Published in October 18, 2018, 12:39 pm
 Mens Thermal Underwear Set Long Sleeve Vest & Long Johns [Thermals] (Blue, La...:Thecricketmaster

Mens Thermal Underwear Set Long Sleeve Vest & Long Johns [Thermals] (Blue, La...:Thecricketmaster

Price:£4.73+ Free shipping

Mr. R. Walker
Mr. R. Walker Reply to on 24 January 2015
These are old-fashioned long johns. Poor fit, and go even baggier around the waist once you have worn them fro a few hours. They are too short in length (I bought size long) and too long in the crotch for what you would expect from modern thermal wear. The material is woolly, and so they cling to your clothes, making them very uncomfortable to wear. Passable as pyjamas if your heating has packed up, or you want to look and feel like a grandparent. For me, a total waste of money.
Marek A.
Marek A. Reply to on 6 February 2018
I am a medium build man 170 cm and having lately a problem with purchasing cloth size M from almost everywhere that these days are much smaller than used to be. Well, I entirely believe this is because it is 80% mainly made in China and they probably measure it to the size of Chinese man that are smaller than Europeans. This is an outrage to sale such a crap product on Amazon. The long johns of the purchased size L are in reality size S it is short about 12 cm to reach my ankle and looks as I was wearing my kid brother pants only the long sleeve t-shirt is accurate to size.I will never ever buy things from this people. You buy cheap crap than you buy twice.
Lippo Reply to on 23 November 2017
The pants fit reasonably well, a little bit bit baggy in the crotch. The top is too big for me really as a base layer. I decided it would make a good thermal mid layer. I have tried it this way on the motorbike in November and it worked well for me. So,for the price, I think this is pretty good value, but if you really just want a base layer, I would look elsewhere - unless your torso is relatively large compared to your bottom half! :)
Jaikido Reply to on 3 December 2017
Ordered these thermals for winter as I work outside.

The trousers are smaller than you'd expect and for that reason roll down from the waist and down your legs.

The top was a big disappointment. The item bought and the packaging said long sleeved top but what was inside was a thermal t-shirt.

I can't say they provide much extra warmth. At least I haven't noticed much difference between cold days I've worn this Vs days when I've worn a regular cotton tshirt under my top.

Wouldn't recommend.
Boo Reply to on 11 April 2017
Purchased for my son to use when travelling to and from work on his moped as it gets quite chilly for him, says they are extremely comfortable not clingy so don't restrict his movement but not baggy either. They wash nicely and we're good value for the set, I bought two sets of medium as he can wear one whilst ones in the wash.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 12 December 2017
A'm I glad I bought these, with this cold spell it was the ideal item to buy, they were as stated by seller, deliver was quick, had them on today, what a difference they made, snug as a bug in a rug, excellent.
Samantha World
Samantha World Reply to on 9 July 2018
Got these for my boys who are in military academy. They’re perfect for PT sessions out in the cold! Wash really well! Not too thick so they fit nicely under normal clothes but still keep the warmth in.
Nice quick delivery!
james trevor winwood
james trevor winwood Reply to on 4 June 2017
Bought two sets thought they would be o k for next winter,but at the price I wasn't expecting anything much in quality and finish.but was very pleasantly surprised.They look and feel quite luxurious
zena foster
zena foster Reply to on 4 November 2016
I chose this vest and long John set purely because of the price. I didn't know what to expect before they arrived but guessed I wouldn't loose much if they were no good. However, they arrived early, packaged well and although they are slightly thinner than the brand's I've bought before I'm very happy I chose this set. I would recommend.
gerard healy
gerard healy Reply to on 24 October 2017
Warm and a good quality....but...why is the fly open from crotch to waistband??? Have had to add a few stiches to help reduce the draught shall we say...
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