Thecricketmaster Bloch S0209 White Arise Leather Ballet Shoe Child EU 29, UK 10.5 C:Thecricketmaster
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Bloch S0209 White Arise Leather Ballet Shoe Child EU 29, UK 10.5 C:Thecricketmaster

Bloch Published in October 18, 2018, 11:41 am
 Bloch S0209 White Arise Leather Ballet Shoe Child EU 29, UK 10.5 C:Thecricketmaster

Bloch S0209 White Arise Leather Ballet Shoe Child EU 29, UK 10.5 C:Thecricketmaster

Price:£8.07+ Free shipping with Whiteox Prime

Zunga Reply to on 29 May 2016
Beautiful quality shoes at such a good price. Love the fact the elastic is already sewn into these shoes. I recommend ordering a full size up from outdoor shoes as they are small.
Alison Pham
Alison Pham Reply to on 11 June 2017
The product it self it good and seems good quality. However the size you choose needs to be 2 sizes bigger. I ordered one size bigger and it was too small for one foot. I think the description advises one size bigger. Her toes were made to curl a bit so have now started return and bought the size up. They have draw strings at the front as it will be too wide when on and it fits nicely when pulles. Looks lovely in white. My child is a width e for her fit and I chose the narrow fitting and it was good. Can't wait for her to use in class!
Suporex TV
Suporex TV Reply to on 7 February 2018
I was thinking about removing one star but I think they don't deserve that as only issue we had was that my daughter has very narrow (not sure if that is the right word) feet hence I ordered B fit. they are all fine when she stands but then when she walks it creates those "pockets" on both sides But this as well can be because I listen to people here and order size bigger then needed but that was not needed at the end. It is still OK as her feet grow fast so she will be able to use it for longer.

As to product:
- good quality
- the string is not only for decoration you can actually pull it a bit to make shoes fit better
- delivery was fast even though I ordered with other products that were fulfilled by Amazon
Kids in the mud
Kids in the mud Reply to on 26 July 2018
Great Ballet shoes. I know nothing about ballet but the first pair of ballet shoes I bought for my daughter was from a proper ballet shop and were fitted by a person who does. All I had to do this time it was look at the size of the old ones and buy one bigger and it was perfect. I think I would have been a bit lost otherwise as tje sizes don’t appear to stack up to normal sizes. Incidentally my daughter is a size 1 / eur 32 in normal shoes and we bought her 13 in the ballet shoes.
⚘Missy•P⚘ Reply to on 28 October 2017
These are nice, simple ballet shoes and are of good quality..

My seven year old daughter is size 12/12.5 in normals shoes so I went for the next size up - size 13 (narrow fit)..

They fit her perfectly, with some space to grow. 😊
D.bots Reply to on 12 May 2017
I am new to dancing and in finding my first dancing shoes, I stumbled upon these. I ordered 5C which has standard fit. It fits me perfectly and I'm size 5. It's comfortable when I'm dancing so I'm happy with my purchase. Also, fast delivery! Thank you!
KS Reply to on 1 September 2016
Lovely ballet slippers but way too small. Don't listen to advice on buying same size as child's feet get at least 1 size bigger and then pull the stings to tighten them.
Lauren Reply to on 24 January 2017
The shoes fit perfectly. They are a bit big for my granddaughter, but that's my fault for expecting them to be small fitting and buying a size larger.
The quality is excellent, and unlike other makes the elastic is not too tight and doesn't rub. Very pleased, so bought a pair in pink for her as well
C. L. Podbery
C. L. Podbery Reply to on 4 September 2014
First thing to say is that order your normal shoe size. You don't have to go up a size (or 2) as with other ballet shoes. Also use the sizing guide provided with width fitting, this really helped us.
Only other thing to say is that they are lovely ballet shoes, strap holds well and adjustment is as you'd expect.
Have bought other 'Bloch' dance shoes in the past and find them to be excellent quality and the same is true here.
Also worth noting how fast these arrived; ordered Tues evening and arrived Thurs morning - brilliant.
jomaryjo Reply to on 16 November 2016
I needed these mens ballet shoes really quickly for my son's audition photos and so was very pleased when they arrived on time. Unfortunately, even though we bought a size 6.5 they are on the tight side so will have to buy some more quite soon. I was very happy that the elastic didn't need to be sewn in.
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